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Despite What Jurassic Park Would Have Us Believe, Which Dinosaurs Were Quite Tiny?

Julius Caesar Encrypted His Military Communications Using A?

Answer: Velociraptors

In Jurassic Park, the movie adaptation of Michael Crichton’s popular novel of the same name, one of the more terrifying dinosaurs to make an appearance is the Velociraptor. Portrayed as taller than humans, scaled, and highly intelligent, the large, clever dinosaurs stalked people throughout the Jurassic Park compound.

The only problem with that portrayal, however, is that in reality not only were Velociraptors tiny (around two feet tall, roughly the size of a turkey), but as members of the maniraptoran theropod family, they would have been covered in feathers. In fairness to all those that worked on the film, while the size of the velociraptor was well known (and highly exaggerated by the designers), it wasn’t until after the film was released that scientists established that velociraptors were feathered.