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Cydia, The Third-Party Alternative To The Apple App Store, Is Named After What?

The Founder's Hometown
A Defunct Programming Language
A Roman Goddess
A Moth Larva
The Largests Nests In The World Are Built By?

Answer: A Moth Larva

Cydia is a third-party application repository for jailbroken Apple devices such as the iPad and the iPhone. The repository is the work of Jay Freeman and is the go-to place to purchase and download applications that are not part of the official iOS-ecosystem.

Given that the name of the official repository is simply the App Store, it seems cryptic to have named the alternative App Store “Cydia”. The name is a pun on Freeman’s part, however; it’s an allusion to the larva of the Cydia pomonella (the Codling Moth). The larva of the Codling Moth are one of the primary pests that prey on apple crops–if you’ve ever found a worm in your apple or seen many of the cartoon representations of green worms in apples then you’ve encountered the Cydia pomonella in its larval stage.