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Clint Eastwood, Best Known For His Cowboy Roles, Got Into Film By Portraying A?

Greek Merchant
Navy Captain
Lab Technician
The Now-Ubiquitous "Times New Roman" Font Was Originally Commissioned By?

Answer: Lab Technician

Today, Clint Eastwood is a famous actor best known for his roles in high profile western films throughout the latter 20th century, so much so that perhaps no other Hollywood name is more closely associated with the genre than John Wayne’s.

But everyone starts somewhere, and in Hollywood, that somewhere usually isn’t glamorous or closely associated with the later fame the actor may achieve. Such was the case with Eastwood, who struggled to land a breakout role. His first successful audition was for the uncredited role of “Lab Technician Jennings” in the 1955 sci-fi film Revenge of the Creature, the first sequel to Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It wasn’t long before Eastwood starred in his first western film, however, with an uncredited role as a ranch hand in the film Law Man (also known as Star in the Dust).

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.