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Churchill, Canada Has A Specialty “Jail” Just For?

Hockey Fans
Russian Fugitives
Polar Bears
Having Your Appendix Removed Is A Prerequisite For Working Where?

Answer: Polar Bears

The very northern town of Churchill, Canada has, by any measure, a polar bear problem. Referred to as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill struggled for years to deal with polar bears descending on the town in search of easy calories found in trash cans and dumpsters. When attempts to secure trash proved futile and the bears became increasingly bolder in their adventures into town, they came up with a plan: turn an old airplane hanger into a polar bear jail.

The jail isn’t the bears’ final destination, mind you, but more like a drunk tank for out of control bears. First, they sedate the bears with a tranquilizer gun to capture them, then they take them to the bear jail. There, the bears are put on a “snow and water” only diet to stop them from returning to town in search of food. After thirty days, the bears are transported far away from Churchill and released.

Image courtesy of the Province of Manitoba.