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Cel-Shading Was First Used In Which Video Game?

Robotech: Battlecry
Cel Damage
Jet Set Radio
Mega Man X7
Which Computer Is The Best Selling Personal Computer Of All Time?

Answer: Jet Set Radio

Cel-shading is a manner of rendering 3D computer graphics in such a way as to make them appear as if they had been hand-drawn like animation cells. The result is a bold and distinct look that sets cel-shaded graphics apart from traditionally rendered computer graphics. One of the first video games to make use of cel-shading, and a critically acclaimed title in its own right, was SEGA’s Jet Set Radio, released for the Dreamcast in June of 2000.

Since then, hundreds of video games rendered in cel-shading style have been released including several notable modern games like those in the Borderlands series, Ōkami and its sequel Ōkamiden, as well as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Bastion, and MadWorld. While many of these games would be well remembered for interesting gameplay and storylines, to be sure, the heavy styling of their cel-shaded graphic design definitely left an interesting impression on players (and there’s a good chance if you’ve played any of them, then you were already thinking about them before we even started listing examples).