Geek Trivia

Burger King Created A Towering Burger To Draw Awareness To What?

World of Warcraft
The American Heart Association
Windows 7
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
What Causes Wint-O-Green Candies To "Spark" In Your Mouth?

Answer: Windows 7

Japan may well be home to the world’s oddest product tie-ins and promotions, and the launch of Windows 7 was no exception. Microsoft typically pulls out all the stops when it comes to promoting Windows and related products in Japan, and when it came time to promote Windows 7, no ad was left unpitched.¬†Among the least-related-to-software tie ins was a promotion run by the Japanese division of Burger King featuring a 7 patty Whopper. The towering burger cost, you guessed it, 7.77 yen.

Image courtesy of Burger King.