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British Intelligence Agency MI6 Hacked A Terrorist Organization’s Website And Replaced Bomb Recipes With?

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Cupcake Recipes
Fish and Chip Recipes
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Answer: Cupcake Recipes

In 2011, British intelligence agents working for MI6 pulled a little tongue-in-cheek hack to disrupt extremist recruiting efforts in the Arabian Peninsula. Extremists in the region with ties to Al-Qaeda had produced a recruitment magazine, distributed digitally, that included propaganda as well as recipes for home-made explosives such as pipe bombs with timed ignition.

MI6 agents intercepted the digital magazine and, in an effort to discredit the group publishing it and stop the distribution of dangerous materials, replaced the bomb recipes with recipes for cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, mind you, but the best cupcake recipes in America (as determined and collected by the Ellen Degeneres talk show). No word from the intelligence agency on whether or not recipients of the magazine ever got around to whipping up a batch of delicious Mojito Cupcakes, though.

Image courtesy of Eva Blue.