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Blood Drives Tied To Which Of These Movie Franchises Have Collected Over 120,000 Pints Of Blood?

The Purge
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Friday the 13th
What Early Artificial Sweetener Was Discovered By Accident?

Answer: Saw

You may not care for horror films, but in light of today’s trivia, you can at least say some good comes out of them. While some people argue that horror movies desensitize viewers and make them indifferent to suffering, you can’t argue that for dedicated fans of the Saw film franchise. Their love of blood and guts on the screen, combined with some good old fashioned altruism and clever marketing, has yielded a world of good.

Since 2004, Lionsgate Films, the studio behind the Saw franchise, has launched a national blood drive in the United States to coincide with the release of each Saw film. Across the release dates of the last eight films, blood drives coordinated by the studio have yielded over 120,000 pints of blood used to save an estimated 360,000 people.