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Best Known For Jeans And Fashion, Which Of These Companies Now Has Significant Real Estate Holdings?

Calvin Klien
Levi Strauss
Which Actor Has Appeared In Every Single Pixar Film?

Answer: Jordache

If you’re a reader of a certain, shall we say, vintage, then you most certainly remember the brand Jordache. The company started in NYC and, for the better part of the 1970s, was best known in that region. By the 1980s, the company was known throughout the United States for their fashion ads and a massive clothing line centered primarily on their jeans, but also well stocked with everything from socks to outwear.

Today, you don’t hear much about the Jordache company, and that’s due entirely to their strategic shift. They still manufacture jeans and other clothing, but the majority of the company’s profits don’t come from their fashion lines, but from large real estate holdings including, most notably, properties in New York City and Miami as well as hotels throughout Europe and Israel. The company also has holdings in the restaurant business, an airline, and an aircraft leasing firm. Clearly, the company had the foresight to take the massive profits from their jeans and fashion lines all those years ago and invest them wisely.

So should you ever have any regrets about wearing some super tight and super stone washed Jordache jeans once upon a 1980s-era-past, you can at least rest easy knowing that you contributed a tiny bit to the good fortune the company enjoys today.

Image courtesy of Jordache.