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Besides Humans, The Only Other Animal With A Chin Is The?

The Most Efficient Wheelbarrow In The Ancient World Was Invented By The?

Answer: Elephant

Elephants are smart, they’re empathetic, they have exceptional memories for persons and places, and just like us they have… a chin. In fact, among the entire animal kingdom they are the only known species besides humans that have one.

Now before you start rattling off a list of all the animals you know that have human-like faces (or even things that remind you of a chin), let’s be clear here: a lower jaw does not a chin make. The human chin, like the elephant chin, is specifically a bony protrusion that extends forward off the lower mandible. For all the varied creatures in the world with lower mandibles, and there are certainly thousands upon thousands of them, none have a protrusion.

Image courtesy of Sklmsta.