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Astronauts Use What Inside Their Helmets To Scratch Their Noses?

Duct Tape
Steel Wool
A Chopstick
The First Community Service Probation Program In The U.S. Was Focused On?

Answer: Velcro

You’re suited up in a bulky and very well sealed space suit and your nose itches. What do you do? Since the Apollo missions astronauts have used a very simple fix to the itchy-nose-in-suit problem; they’ve attached a small patch of Velcro to a prominent point on the inside of their helmet (such as the water tube) and used the rough surface to scratch their noses.

Inside the space suits isn’t the only place you’ll find Velcro in space. The shuttles had Velcro all over the interior and the International Space Station continued the tradition–there are hundreds of square feet of Velcro used to secure all manner of things in zero gravity from food trays to Chess pieces.