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As A Marketing Stunt, Sony Once Sold Walkmans Encased In A?

Block of Jello
Brick of Recycled CDs
PlayStation Shell
Full Water Bottle
Apple's Original Logo Featured Which Famous Inventor?

Answer: Full Water Bottle

When you’re trying to convince the public that your new wire-free Walkmans are really, truly, no joke waterproof, then sometimes you need a clever and eye-catching marketing technique. In 2014 when Sony released a line of wire-free Walkmans targeted at athletes and sports enthusiasts, they took a particularly clever tact in doing so.

In select locations around the world, they stocked vending machines with water bottles holding their Sony W Series Walkmans. The whole bit, putting sports-focused Walkmans in a water bottle in locations like gyms where the target audience would see them, would have been novel enough, but to add a dramatic flair (and evidence that the Walkmans were waterproof), the bottles were filled with water.

Although they may have been stocked in vending machines, you couldn’t have scored one for the same price as an adjacent energy drink or bottle of Coke, alas. The various models retailed for around $100 and the vending machines were programmed to charge you premium rates, not 16 oz. soda rates.

Image courtesy of Sony.