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Apple’s Original Logo Featured Which Famous Inventor?

Thomas Edison
Sir Isaac Newton
Nikola Tesla
Alexander Graham Bell
The Busiest Freeway Interchange In The World Is Located In?
Original Apple logo
Ronald Wayne/Apple

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton

While 21st century Apple fans are most familiar with Apple’s minimalist logo, a monochromatic apple in silver silhouette, the very first Apple logo looked quite different. Designed by Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne, the logo depicts Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree reading with that infamous apple dangling over his head.

That bookplate-style logo was in use for less than a year, in early 1976, before the rainbow apple seen on early Macintosh computers was introduced. The rainbow logo was in use from the end of 1976 to 1998, where it was finally replaced by Apple’s current monochromatic silver logo.

If you’re still contemplating the idea that there was an additional Apple co-founder beyond Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, here’s a bit of bonus trivia for you. Wayne was the third co-founder who had come on as a much older advisor to the two young Steves—at the time, Wayne was roughly twenty years their senior. Less than two weeks after Apple was officially founded, he opted to sell his 10 percent stake in the company to the two of them as he felt he had too many assets that creditors would come after if he stayed involved (and Apple ran into financial trouble).