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An Early Attempt To Combat VHS Tape Piracy Involved What?

Clear Video Ribbons
Case Locks
Acid Packs
Green Cassette Doors
The First Handheld Game System To Use Interchangeable Cartridges Was The?

Answer: Green Cassette Doors

Modern anti-piracy methods rely strongly on sophisticated encryption schemes and an ever progressing arms race between movie studios and pirates. Back in the days of VHS tapes however, anti-piracy measures relied on holograms and green cassette doors. More accurately, you could say, anti-piracy measures really relied on public goodwill.

For the 1988 release of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, MCA Home Video added several features to indicate to the public that they were getting an authentic high-quality original release. Each E.T. VHS tape had a green cassette door, green tape hubs at the center of each spool, and a large Universal Studios holographic label on the tape view window.

Despite the failure of the colored plastic and holograms to actually do much in the way of deterring piracy, E.T. went on to become one of the best selling home videos of the 1980s.