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Alfred Nobel Established the Nobel Prize After What?

Doctors saved his son
He read his obituary
He lost a bet
His wife died
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Answer: He read his obituary

Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor, chemist, engineer, and arms manufacturer–most notable in those roles as the inventor of dynamite. He was both a successful inventor and businessman and maintained companies in multiple countries around the world including those that manufactured the dynamite he invented, cannon balls, and other munitions.

In 1888 his brother Ludvig died while visiting Cannes, France. The local paper accidentally printed a pre-written obituary for Alfred, not his brother Ludvig. The obituary was less than flattering opening with the “The merchant of death is dead” and condemning him for both inventing dynamite and profiting from its military use around the world.

Alfred was deeply troubled by the obituary and saddened that the world would remember him in such a fashion. In reaction to the obituary and out of desire to associate his name with something positive, Alfred set aside almost his entire estate to be used upon his death to establish the Nobel Prizes in Physical Science, Chemistry, Medical Science, Literature, and the for individuals who furthered a common good for humanity–most frequently referred to as the Nobel Peace Prize. His bid to improve the standing of his name was a success and over a century later the name Nobel is associated with the prizes he created.