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Airport Code For The Airport Closest To Oracle’s World Headquarters Is?

The Highest Grossing World War II Film Of All Time Is?

Answer: SQL

Among all of its tech accomplishments, the thing Oracle is best known for is their database management systems based on Structured Query Language (SQL). Given that the most famous acronym associated with Oracle is SQL, it has been a long standing belief that the airport closest to the Oracle world headquarters in the greater San Francisco region, the San Carlos Airport (FAA LID: SQL), was given the call sign it has because of Oracle’s presence in the area.

As fun of a little Easter Egg nod to the company as that would have been, the call sign wasn’t given to to the airport because of Oracle but was assigned to the airport in the 1960s when the FAA formalized airport identifiers.¬†Both the airport and the call sign existed years before Oracle was incorporated as Software Development Laboratories in 1977 (they’d rebrand as Oracle in 1982).

Image courtesy of lkluft.