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After Community Uproar, Mojang Changed The Food You Feed Minecraft Parrots From?

The First Effective Treatment For Syphilis Was What?

Answer: Cookies

Like most long-running games, when there are changes in new versions of Minecraft, the players like to grumble. For the most part, the grumbling is just adjustment to changes or grumpiness over being forced to change a play style or two. When the snapshot releases leading up to the 1.12 release of Minecraft started rolling out, however, some players noticed that in-game interactions with the new jungle biome creature, the parrot, weren’t exactly parrot-friendly.

Specifically, to tame the wild parrots and turn them into your pirate-style shoulder pets, you had to feed them a chocolate chip cookie. This feed-to-tame mechanism aligned with other animals in the game (you give wolves bones and wild cats fish), but with serious real life consequences for parrots. Snapshot playtesters quickly pointed out that Minecraft is a game played by millions of kids, chocolate is deadly to parrots, and it was really only a matter of time before some kid stuffed a parrot full of chocolate chip cookies because they saw it in Minecraft.

The developers took note, changed the taming food from chocolate chip cookies to seeds, and even went one step further and made in-game cookies poisonous to the birds, so kids would learn they should feed their avian friends seeds and not sweets.