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Actors Who Get Killed On “The Walking Dead” Receive What?

A Death Dinner
A Crew Hoodie
A Signed Zombie Mask
A Crossbow
Before Mike Judge, The Creator Of King Of The Hill, Was A Cartoonist He?

Answer: A Death Dinner

Fans of the popular AMC show The Walking Dead know all too well that no character (regardless of how popular they are) is ever truly safe on the horror-drama series. Zombies are tireless, story arcs are winding and often shocking, and no amount of fan-love is enough to ensure a character survives any given season.

Although there might be cries of anguish from fans when a character is killed off, behind the scenes there is a ritual among the cast to send the character off in style. Each actor or actress, upon filming their final scene, is treated to a “Death Dinner” with the whole cast as a send off and a way to provide closure to their experience with the show.

The term has even entered into the lingo of the most die hard Walking Dead fans; as seasons draw to a close fans in online forums fret over which of their favorite characters will end up at the head of the Death Dinner table.

Image courtesy of AMC.