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According To Forbes Magazine The Richest Fictional Character Is?

Scrooge McDuck
Smaug the Dragon
Bruce Wayne
Tony Stark
The Interior Of Nuclear Reactor Cores Glow What Color?

Answer: Scrooge McDuck

While Forbes magazine might be well known for releasing a list of the world’s richest people every year, they don’t limit themselves to just real-life billionaires. The “Forbes Fictional 15” is a companion list that details the richest fictional characters around.

To qualify for the list the character must be found in an authored fictional work (which excludes the inclusion of mythical and folkloric characters with indeterminate authorship and often infinite wealth). Further, the character must star in a specific narrative work and they must be known within the fictional universe they occupy (and by their audience) as a wealthy individual. The analysis performed by Forbes mirrors the real world analysis they use to determine the net worth of people on their real richest people list and includes valuation of the assets held by the fictional character as closely approximated to their real world value as possible (including calculations based on the volume of precious metals, equivalent stock holdings/companies, and so on).

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that one of the richest fictional characters, more than a few years running, is Scrooge McDuck. Best known for his extreme penny pinching ways and the vast vault of gold he keeps much of his wealth in, Scrooge has held high rank on the Forbes list since the mid-2000s thanks to rising gold prices. His estimated wealth, per Forbes magazine’s 2013 ranking (when they last published the “Fictional 15”) is  65.4 billion dollars.

Scrooge might not hold onto the top ranking spot forever, however. The world of fictional wealth is a fickle one. Not only could falling gold prices hurt his worth, but a twist of fictional fate might dethrone him. After all, Scrooge McDuck first topped the list in 2006 when the death of Daddy Warbucks in the comic Lil’ Orphan Annie unseated the billionaire tycoon from the top of the list.