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A Spider In The Amazon Jungle Is Unique In That It?

Hunts Humans
Eats Poison Dart Frogs
Builds Decoys
Lemon Ants Are Notable For Their Use Of?

Answer: Builds Decoys

In 2012, biologist Phil Torres discovered what might be the most clever spider in the Amazon basin. While studying spiders in the Peruvian section of the Amazon Jungle, Torres came across a new species in the spider genus Cyclosa with a very specific, evolved, and detailed behavior: they built decoys.

These spiders would spend a significant amount of energy using debris and spider silk to build decoy spiders that hung from their webs. While other sculpting spiders have been observed clumping objects together (presumably to serve as distractions for predators), the Cyclosa spiders observed by Torres are the only spiders known to build any sort of decoy structure that actually resembles themselves. The spiders take great care in making a central body and eight leg-like tendrils. It’s certainly realistic enough to startle any would-be hiker in the area.

Image courtesy of Phil Torres.