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A Big Chunk Of Which Video Game’s Advertising Budget Was Spent On Educational Videos?

Civilization V
Battlefield 4
Total War: Rome II
Assassin's Creed IV
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Answer: Total War: Rome II

When ‘The Creative Assembly’, the development house behind the Total War series, wanted to promote their new game Total War: Rome II, they went about it, well, creatively. While the game had promotion through traditional channels (print ads, web ads, etc.), a big chunk of the advertising budget was devoted to creating educational videos about the time period in which the game takes place.

‘The Creative Assembly’ hired Extra Credits to create two videos Extra History 01 – The Punic Wars and Extra History 02 – The Second Punic War Begins, and instructed them to essentially ignore the fact that they were hired by a game company, and to simply make really good and informative videos that would raise public interest in Roman history. While we’re sure Rome II would have sold well as it was based on the popularity of the series, we’re also sure that the 300,000 or so views on the history videos certainly helped get more than a few gamers in a Roman war kind of mood.

Image courtesy of The Creative Assembly/Sega.