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Protect Yourself from Spam with Free Disposable Email Addresses


You’ve found some cool free software you want to download but the site requires your email address before you can download the file. Are you concerned that, soon after signing up for the download, your email inbox will be inundated with unwanted spam emails?

Don’t worry. There is an easy, free solution. Spamgourmet allows you to create special email addresses you can enter on sites like the one mentioned above and protect your own email address. You specify how many email messages you want to receive at the address you create.

If you use the basic “no-brainer mode” of spamgourmet, once you set up your account, you most likely won’t have to visit the site again.  To set up your account, enter a user name and the email address you want to protect. You will be asked to identify the word in a picture and to specify a password.

You will receive an email at your protected address asking you to confirm the address. All emails sent to spamgourmet disposable email addresses will be forwarded to your protected address. That’s why you must provide a valid email address to spamgourmet and confirm it.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you can give out disposable email addresses you create that will self-destruct after a certain number of emails have been received at that address. You can use these disposable email addresses anywhere, online, on the phone, at a store, etc..

The following is the format used for your disposable email addresses:

The term “someword” should be a word you have never used before, “x” (optional) is the number of emails you want to receive at this address (up to 20; 3 is used as the default if this is left out of the email address), and “user” is the user name you used when you signed up for a spamgourmet account.

For example, if your user name is “nomorespam4me” and ABC Company wants your email address on their site to download a file (or on the phone or at a store), you can give them the following email address instead of your personal email:

The first time ABC Company sends you an email at that address, it will be created. You don’t have do anything extra to create it on the spamgourmet site. Up to 5 emails sent to that address will be forwarded to your personal email address and then any future emails will be swallowed up in the ether.


If you want more options, choose the “advanced mode” tab. Advanced mode is like no-brainer mode, but it does require you to visit the spamgourmet site to set additional options for your account. It doesn’t cost anything.

You can specify trusted senders, watchwords, and a prefix. You can also turn on and off reply address masking, and view/edit your disposable addresses. For more information about the additional options, see the advanced mode tab on the spamgourmet site.


Spamgourmet will never send email with attachments. If you get an email with an attachment from spamgourmet, DO NOT open it. It’s probably a virus or malware.

  • Grant Johnson

    If I am a nasty spammer, and know how it works, what is to stop me from making up new addresses once I have one?

    For instance, they give me LocalStore.3.user@spamgourmet, the after I have sent my 3, I start sending to SomebodyElse.20.user@spamgourmet.

  • Jeff Parrish is better, it has a modern and mobile interface and doesn't kill you quite as much with ads.

  • Seabat

    I can't remember when I last received spam, and I have never employed some sort of "magic" program or other type of whatever to stop spam. I have had my mail address for 6 or 7 years. It's very simple. Set your email to accept only email from persons listed in your address book. If something comes in from an address not listed, it automatically goes to the dump pile. The only step you have to take is listing the sender's address. The last piece of junk I received was from a politician whose automated answer was a thank you for sending him a letter. He's still not listed to send me his gibberish emails. I got better things to do, like bass fishing.

    PS: Mail is with additional filtering through Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • VistaMike

    I dumped Hotmail and Yahoo MANY many years ago.Have multiple email addresses for different reasons (7 in gmail) and a few with;

    It certainly filters the philtres by having dump addresses is just a hotmail account renamed.

  • Ray Cooke

    I use BT Yahoo. If I get spam I label it as spam and never get it again. I very rarelyget spam nowadays.It also offers 'chuck away' email addresses. My IP is BT but I don't think it is confined toBT subscribers. Having a look at Yahoo is a thing that will do you no harm. It may not befor you but I've used it now for 12yrs.I avoid Google as much as I can thought it is getting more difficult as they hide behind so many different guises from companies they've bought out.Good Luck All.

  • Xhi

    Along with my web site hosting comes 100 email addresses which I can add and delete at will.

  • Harry S

    Yahoo lets you create multiple addresses within the one account.Mail from each address can be sent to whatever folder you choose and if you delete the address any mail is bounced back to the sender.For security I use a different address for all my regular contacts and others which I dump if spam starts arriving.Used properly, Yahoo does just about anything you could want.

  • John Chorley

    Sounds good. smiley the spamgoumet website looks like a candidate for webpages that suck, its poorly designed.

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  • Published 04/26/13


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