Sure, LastPass has a browser app that you can use, but who wants to do that? The native Safari browser works really well, and all the other apps work with it. So here’s how to use LastPass in Safari on iOS.

First, you’ll need to be using LastPass. Second, you’ll need to open up LastPass on your desktop browser in your regular computer, and then open your Vault, and then click on Bookmarklets. This will bring up the Bookmarklets dialog, and you’ll need to drag those bookmarks to your desktop bookmark bar, and then somehow get the bookmarklets over to Safari on your iDevice. That’s the only possibly tricky spot.

If you are using Safari and iCloud on your iDevice, you can simply create the bookmarks on Safari on the desktop and they will instantly be available on your iDevice. (This is the preferred method, and what we did). Otherwise you could copy them into an email or something else, and then create them manually on the other end. We are just going to assume that you can figure out how to do that.

Now that they are available, you can just open up Bookmarks in mobile Safari, click the Login one, wait a second, and then you’ll be prompted to login to LastPass.

Once you are logged in, now you can use the LastPass Fill bookmarklet to quickly and easily fill forms on almost any page. This works especially well on the iPad.

I don’t know about you, but this definitely makes my life easier. Sadly, they don’t work in Chrome.

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