How to Turn Chrome Tabs into Icons (Hint: It’s Built Right In)


I’m sure most of our Chrome users are thinking… why, exactly, are you posting such a simple tip? After posting an unrelated screenshot on Twitter today, I was swarmed with people asking how I made my tabs into icons.

So I figured, why not post something about it on the site, just in case other people didn’t know about this easy, built-right-in tip that doesn’t require an extension.

Yep, it’s that easy. Right-click a tab, click Pin tab.

The great thing about it is that even when you restart Chrome, your pinned tabs will show up again – so I often use it as a way to save my current tabs before rebooting, since I know they will show up again. It’s easier than bookmarking everything and remembering to open it again later.

So that’s your byte size tip of the day. Enjoy.

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