How to Tell When Your Windows PC Was Restarted Last

Have you ever wanted to know what day you last rebooted your PC? There’s more than one way to find that information — you can look in the Event Viewer under System for the Kernel-Power event, but that’s a lot of work. It’s much easier to type in a single command.

The easiest way, for us, is to just use the SystemInfo command from the CMD prompt. It’ll give you a lot of information, and buried in there is the Boot Time. Or, you could figure out it even easier by using the Find command to pull out the only line of text that you’re interested in, like this:

systeminfo | find /i "Boot Time"

But what if you don’t want to open up a command prompt? You can type it into the Run box, but sadly that won’t do quite what you want… the command will run, and then the window will close before you get a chance to see it. So that’s when you pull out the Cmd command itself and use the /k argument. Just type this into the Start Screen search box, or the WIN + R box, or on Windows 7 or Vista, just paste into the Start Menu’s search box.

cmd /k systeminfo | find /i "Boot Time"

That’s pretty much it. You’ll see the output from when you last rebooted your computer. Looks like mine hasn’t been rebooted in a week and a half at this point.

If you just want to know¬†how long your system has been running, it’s even easier to use CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open up Task Manager and you’ll see it there.

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