Xbox Music recently updated allowing you to sync your music collection to the cloud and play it on other devices, unfortunately the auto-tagging feature doesn’t always work so well which means you can only listen to part of your music collection.

Manually Matching Music

The Music app in Windows 8 allows you to see which songs have been matched and are available on your other devices by showing a small picture of a cloud under the length of the track. If you have a song that is not showing a cloud, the first thing to do is check that the album was matched correctly.

So go ahead and head into your music collection and right click on the album that looks to be mismatched.

You will see a Match album info button in the bottom navigation bar that appears, click on it.

Here you will see a list of possible matches to choose from, notice how many variations of a single album there are. Most of the time its safe to choose the one that contains the same number of tracks as the one in your music collection.


Windows will then prompt you to manually link up anything that it is not sure about. Basically, you will be given a list of songs that the online album contains but Windows cant find in your version of the album, from here you can simply expand the drop down for each song and link it to one of the songs in your album.

That’s all there is to it.

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