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How to Insert a YouTube Video Into a PowerPoint Presentation in Office 2013


How many times have you needed to show a video during a presentation? Using YouTube and PowerPoint, it is now possible.

Insert a YouTube Video Into a PowerPoint Presentation in Office 2013

Go ahead and open PowerPoint and switch over to the Insert tab.


Then click on Video, and then Online Video…


If this is your first time inserting a video from YouTube, you will need to add it as a provider from the bottom left hand side of the dialog.


Once added, you will be able to enter a search term.


You can then simply select a video and hit the insert button.


That’s all there is to it. Remember Videos come with their own set of editing options, so be sure to take a look around.


  • SkiddMarxx

    Does this embed the YouTube video in your presentation or simply link to the video, requiring you to be online while delivering the presentation?

  • Lowell Heddings

    It definitely does not download and embed the video smile You'll need to be online for it to work.

  • Pemo Theodore

    My copy of Office 2013 does not have this functionality to add youtube as a service? I can add it under Info>Accounts but it does not appear in the pop up box you have in screen shot, only facebook???? I have been on Microsoft Office's customer service & they have told me today that this functionality is not available in 2013? Unbelievable because I can see you have used ppt 2013 for this & in 2013 Microsoft Help menu it shows same. It seems that I have paid for a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 that does not have this functionality. Any ideas? The old workaround for 2010 is no good as I have had too many complaints as people cant open video when send deck to them. Microsoft seems to not know what their right hand is doing or not????

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  • Published 06/24/13


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