My new MacBook has had a weird issue lately — for some reason, there isn’t any sound when I play a web video in Chrome. There’s nothing wrong with Chrome, or the sound, but it just wasn’t working. After some digging, I figured out that it is just Flash related.

Turns out, the real problem is a conflict between the built-in Flash plugin in Chrome, and the Adobe one that I must have downloaded elsewhere.

And the solution is to remove one of them. In this case, the built-in one. Start by typing about:plugins into the location bar.

Then click the Details link on the right-hand side of that page.

And then disable one of the two plugins that are loaded, since you should only have one. In my case, the sound didn’t work until I disabled the built-in “Pepper” Flash player, but your mileage may vary.

Note that you’ll need to reload the tab that you are testing for the plugin situation to resolve itself. Or you could close your browser and re-open.