How-To Geek is an ad-supported site, so we’re not exactly excited to show people how to disable ads, but we’ll admit – there are some sites online that have so many ads that you just can’t deal with it. Luckily you can block JavaScript for just a single site if you want to.

In my case, there’s one news blog that I read regularly that has great information… and so many ads the page takes minutes to load, instead of seconds.

The important thing to remember is that blocking JavaScript will also cause any features on the site that require JavaScript to fail. That means you wouldn’t want to do this on a web application, for instance. And when you block JavaScript, you may not actually block every single ad, but you will definitely block all of the irritating ads that are slowing down your computer whenever you browse certain specific sites.

Anyway… to get started, open up Chrome’s Settings page, and head down to the Privacy / Content settings section pictured in the screenshot above. Then click on the Manage exceptions button underneath the JavaScript section.

Now plug in the name of the site with the obnoxious ads, click Block, and click somewhere else so that it changes to show a new line (important or else it won’t save for some reason). When you are done, it should look like this.

And now the next time you load that site, anything that uses JavaScript will be disabled. If you have issues with that, come back here and remove the block.

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