Windows 8 has a new feature that allows you to automatically run scheduled daily maintenance on your computer. These maintenance tasks run in the background and include security updating and scanning, Windows software updates, disk defragmentation, system diagnostics, among other tasks.

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The Windows Store is similar to the app stores for Apple iOS and Android devices and Windows phones. It allows you to buy and download both free and paid Metro-style apps for Windows 8.

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Sometimes in Windows 8 you may find your application notifications getting stuck from time to time, the fix to this problem is to clear the notification cache at log off, here’s how.

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We have all been in that awkward situation where you sit down in a meeting room only to have your Windows laptop play the Startup sound. Here’s how to disable it or even enable it if you so choose.

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There are a lot of different versions of Windows, but you probably didn’t know that short of the Enterprise edition, the disc or image that you own contains all versions for that architecture. Read on to see how we can use them to make a universal Windows 8 install disc.

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While Windows 8 may seem a bit out of place on hardware without a touch screen, trackpad gestures can help bridge the gap. Gestures on a trackpad work similarly to gestures on a touch screen.

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While you can’t get rid of the Start screen in Windows 8, there are lots of ways to customize the look and feel of the Start screen and make it your own.

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We’ve previously written about a tool that allows you to create a bunch of folders at one time from a list of words or phrases. However, what if you want to create one or more folders from a bunch of selected text files?

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Clearing your browser cache is made easily accessible in the desktop version of Internet Explorer, however, in the Metro version it is a little bit more hidden. Read on to find out more.

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Internet Explorer has a secret mode called InPrivate which is pretty much the same as Chrome’s incognito mode. It can be accessed on the desktop by right-clicking on the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar, but how do you open an InPrivate tab in the Metro IE? Read on to find out.

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Windows 8 includes a SmartScreen filter that prevents unknown and malicious programs from running. SmartScreen is part of Internet Explorer 8 and 9 – with Windows 8, it’s now integrated into the operating system.

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Windows 8 contains a completely revamped backup system. Windows 8’s File History replaces Windows 7’s Windows Backup – if you use Windows Backup and update to Windows 8, you’ll find quite a few differences.

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Searching in Windows 8 has changed significantly, in fact at first you might think that all most Metro apps “lack” a search function altogether. Read on to find out how you can use the search feature in almost any app in Windows 8.

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By default, Windows 8 automatically sets the number of rows of tiles to fit your screen, depending on your monitor size and resolution. However, you can tell Windows 8 to display a certain number of rows of tiles at all times, despite the screen resolution.

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Printing has become an application aware feature in Metro applications. This makes the outcome of a print job different from application to application, but the question remains, how do you print?

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Today we are going to show you a nifty new shortcut built into Windows 8 that lets you capture everything that’s on your screen–this is the first time that Windows has really included a built-in way to capture screenshots.

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Channing a process’s affinity means that you limit the application to only run on certain logical processors, which can come in terribly handy if you have an application that is hogging all the CPU. Here’s how to choose the processor for a running application.

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In older versions of Windows the Title Bar used to display your current location in the file system. In Windows 8 this is not the default behavior, however, you can enable it if you wish to.

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Now that Windows 8 Enterprise is available to the public as a 90-day evaluation and Windows 8 Pro is available for Microsoft TechNet subscribers, we decided to collect links to the Windows 8 articles we’ve published since the release of the Developer Preview.

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In Windows 8 there is no obvious way of checking how much space each Metro app is taking up–the option is actually hidden away in PC settings, read on to find out how to access it.

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It’s easy to pin apps and folders to the Metro Start screen in Windows 8. What about your favorite websites? Windows 7 allows you to pin websites to the Taskbar. It’s also easy to pin your favorite websites to the Windows 8 Metro Start screen.

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If you have just switched to Windows 8, or are about to, and find yourself constantly sending files to the recycle bin by mistake, it’s probably because Microsoft disabled the delete confirmation dialog, here’s how to re-enable it.

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If you download a lot of apps from the Windows 8 Store, install your own programs, and pin those programs to the Metro Start screen, the screen can become a mess. However, you can group tiles on the Metro Start screen and label those groups.

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Windows 8 takes a new approach to the hosts file by default – it won’t allow you to block Facebook and other websites by modifying your hosts file. Luckily, there’s a way to bypass this restriction.

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Windows 8’s Family Safety features allow you to monitor your children’s computer usage, get weekly reports, set time limits for computer use, filter inappropriate websites, block children from using certain applications, and more.

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