Just because you want to share a photo with someone doesn’t necessarily mean you want to share the exact location you took it with them. Fortunately, it’s easy to send a photo without sending sensitive data along with it.

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If you’ve ever gone to the hardware store to buy lumber to build that DIY desk or home theater center, you’ve probably come across your fair share of warped and twisted boards before you finally landed on a decent-looking 2×4. Here’s why that is.

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You’re meeting a friend downtown in a new city, and he asks you where you are. Be honest: you have no clue. Luckily, Google Maps can help you both out.

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Google Home is designed to be a shared device that everyone in the house can use. Now, Google has finally made it possible for it to recognize different people and give personalized info to everyone using their Google accounts. Here’s how to set it up.

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Barring any kind of accidental damage, your laptop’s keyboard and touchpad are the parts that start to show wear as soon as you use them. Not only are they some of the only moving parts left in modern laptop design, they’re the ones that are constantly being touched by us fleshy humans, absorbing tiny amounts of skin oil and wearing away the legends on the keys. After a year or so, the keyboard deck can start to look noticeably aged.

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You may want to turn your Wi-Fi off to save battery power on an airplane or somewhere else where there’s no Wi-Fi available. With Windows 10’s Creators Update, you can now have your PC automatically re-enable your Wi-Fi so you don’t have to remember to do so later.

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Instagram is a pretty well designed app. The majority of features are where you’d expect them to be, though some of them are a little hidden. One feature that’s inexplicably hard to find is how to add line breaks or paragraphs to your Instagram captions on iOS. Luckily for Android fans, things are normal: just press Return.

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Modding Android is far from a new idea, and when it comes to bending the OS to your will, Xposed is one of the most powerful tools out there. While there are dozens of Xposed modules available, we’ve picked a handful of our favorites to help you step your Android game to the next level.

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If you’re lucky, you can place your TV antenna wherever you want and get crystal-clear HD channels over the air for free. However, most of the time you need to go through a little trial and error to get everything working properly.

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If the receipt for a flight or hotel is sent to your Gmail account, an appointment is automatically added to Google Calendar. Some people find this useful; some people find it annoying; some people find it downright creepy. If you’re more in the second or third camp than the first, good news: you can disable this feature entirely.

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Tasker is one of the most powerful automation tools on Android. Plugins like AutoVoice let you expand Tasker’s core functionality to do even more cool things…like create custom voice commands for your Amazon Echo or Google Home. Here’s how to make your own voice commands.

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Nintendo is apparently allergic to money. After creating an instant and profitable hit with the NES Classic, the company decided to end production of the cheap little emulation machine just a few months after its introduction. No matter: tech savvy Nintendo fans who couldn’t get a hold of one (or didn’t want to line the pockets of scalpers) have other options.

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Lightroom is almost essential for serious amateur and professional photographers. It’s a filing system for all your photos, a RAW developer, and much more. Lightroom is best when used to manage every step of your post-processing workflow, including the very first step: importing photos to your computer from your camera.

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Windows 10 includes a telemetry service that automatically sends diagnostic and usage data about your computer to Microsoft. These settings have caused a lot of controversy since Windows 10’s release, but what do they actually do?

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Google has made yet another change to Chrome’s “under the hood” settings with the removal of the chrome://plugins page in version 57, so how do you access the settings for plugins now? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a frustrated reader’s question.

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Internet connectivity is the heart of the Plex Media Server experience, but that doesn’t mean there are times (like during local outages or while vacationing away from reliable internet access) you need to go without Plex. Read on as we show you how to tweak things (and why it’s important to set things up before you need offline access).

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If you’ve ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and noticed that someone posted a 360-degree photo, they probably didn’t use a special 360 camera, but rather just their phone. Here’s how you can take your own 360 photos with your smartphone and post them to Facebook for all to enjoy.

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OneNote is simple at first glance: it’s a place to write notes and maybe clip articles from the web for future refernce. It’s an organizational tool, and a good one. But unlike other Office products, Microsoft offers OneNote for free and is constantly adding new updates.

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When you’re out of the house, Android notifies you if you’re near an open Wi-Fi network. That’s handy when you want to log into the internet at a coffee shop. It’s infuriating when you pass every single hotspot along the freeway. If you’re sick of those notifications, here’s how to turn them off.

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Windows 10’s Creators Update adds a handy little feature that automatically cleans out your temp files and stuff that’s been sitting in your Recycle Bin for more than a month. Here’s how to enable it.

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When it comes to computers, more is better. Well, sort of. Most users understand that a faster processor, with speed expressed in megahertz or gigahertz, is more desirable. Likewise, it’s fairly obvious that having more gigabytes of memory (aka RAM) is a good thing. But your RAM has another stat you might be confused about: speed.

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Every time you take a picture on your Android phone, it records specific data and codes it into the picture’s metadata. Part of that data includes the GPS location of where the photo was taken. While it’s easy to remove, there’s also a way to prevent Android from storing that info in the first place.

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It’s really easy to like a photo on Instagram. You just double-tap on it as you scroll through your feed. I probably like at least a few photos every time I open the app.

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Microsoft’s “Shared Experiences” allow you to start a task on one device and finish it on another, or easily set up a remote control or other companion app on a smartphone.

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Remote controls are so 1950. If you have a Kodi media center and an Amazon Echo, you can play all your favorite movies and shows with a well-placed voice command…if you’re willing to do a little setup.

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