If you’re looking for an easy way to search through several video websites at once from your desktop, today we take a look at an app that does an excellent job.  Ashampoo’s ClipFinder HD allows you to search and download videos from popular video sites from your desktop.

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Ever find yourself needing a quick unit conversion and wishing for an easy access solution?  Now you can have unit conversion goodness on your home computer and as a portable app with Convert for Windows.

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If you are a busy Windows user it can get annoying navigating through menus and endless directories to get to the apps and data you need.  Executor is a free application launcher that allows you to quickly run programs and search for anything from one central location. 

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Sometimes you have a document with private information that needs to stay confidential but the rest of the document needs to be seen.  Today we will take a look at ScrambleOnClick which encrypts selected parts of a document.

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We finally made it to another Friday so it’s time to kick back with a cool free racing game! Tux Racer is a free game based on the Mario Kart concept, but features the Linux mascot Tux instead.

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Do you have a messy desktop full of icons and shortcuts and are looking for a way to organize them?  Today we will take a look at a solution from Stardock called Fences, which organizes your icons into groups for a more efficient desktop.

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While writing the Secure Computing series, we received a lot of requests to compare each security utility side by side, so let’s take a look at a free utility that will allow you to determine the amount of time an application takes to start up.

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There are several ways to control the volume on your computer.  If your a keyboard ninja you may rely on hot keys to control volume.  If you have a set of amplified desktop speakers you can use the volume knob.  There is also the old fashioned way of clicking on the speaker icon in your system tray and adjusting it there.  Volumouse allows us to control the volume and more with the mouse and / or other hotkey combinations.

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Organizing all of your tasks these days can be quite challenging.  At work your employer probably supplies a calendaring and “to do” list application such as those included in Outlook.  But what if you are a small business owner or home user and don’t feel like wasting money on expensive office applications?  A very powerful, fun, and free desktop calendar application is Rainlendar2.

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CD / DVD ROM emulation is a good thing especially if you only have one optical ROM drive.  The other benefit of a virtual ROM drive is the ability to run programs on your local hard drive which means less changing in and out discs and the programs actually seem to run faster.

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One thing we love to show you at How-To Geek is ways to simplify your computing experience.  The Geek has several tips on becoming a Keyboard Ninja for navigating your OS.  Today I found a nifty application that should definitely speed up the computing experience for Power Users. SlickRun! Although it is in the same idea realm of a Hotkey Program, it is something quite different.

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After writing yesterday’s article about creating a shortcut to the Safely Remove Hardware dialog, a number of readers mentioned to me that they’d like create a shortcut to immediately eject a specific drive, so we’ll cover that here.

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I’ve been hoping for a Tabbed explorer add-on to Windows Vista ever since I made the switch, but what most of you have been talking about is the lack of an Up button like XP used to have. Reader Shawn wrote in with a solution for both of our problems: QTTabBar, an add-on for Explorer that gives you a ton of functionality for either Vista or XP.

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In prior versions of Windows before Vista, you could always open control panel items by passing control.exe the name of the *.cpl file that represented the item you were trying to open. For instance, if you wanted to open the display properties you could run the command “control.exe desk.cpl”.

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On January 21, Microsoft officially announced the new features that would be included in Windows 10. While you’ll have to wait for the release to enjoy most of the new features, you can take advantage of the new Windows 10 Start menu today.

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