Group Policy Geek: How to Control the Windows Firewall With a GPO

The Windows Firewall can be one of the biggest nightmares for system administrators to configure, with the addition of Group Policy precedence it just becomes a headache. Here we will take you from start to finish on how to easily configure the Windows Firewall via Group Policy and as a bonus show you how to fix one of the biggest gotchas.

The Best How-To Geek Guides of 2011

How-To Geek teaches you all kinds of useful and interesting things. Sometimes we publish special How-To Guides, which are detailed articles about how to do something. Here are the best ones that we published in 2011.

IT: How to Install Active Directory On Windows Server 2008 R2

Active Directory is essential to any Microsoft network built on the client-server network model–it allows you to have a central sever called a Domain Controller (DC) that does authentication for your entire network. Instead of people logging on to the local machines they authenticate against your DC. Lets take a look at how to install Microsoft’s Active Directory.

The Best How-To Geek Articles for November 2011

It has been a busy month here at HTG where we covered topics such as how to see which websites your computer is secretly connecting to, reviewed the new Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, learned how to improve your Google search skills, and more. Join us as we look back at the most popular articles from this past month.

How to Mount a Hard Drive as a Folder on Your Windows PC

Getting a new drive is always exiting, but having 6 or 7 drives show up in My Computer isnt always ideal. Using this trick you can make your drives appear as folders on a another drive. Logically it will look like its one drive but any files in that folder will physically be on another drive.