Earlier this week we asked you to share your tips and tricks for keeping your apps organized and accessible; now we’re back to showcase some great reader tips to help you manage your mountain of apps.

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Windows: Free application Screen Tweaker makes it simple to swap out your logon screen wallpaper (as well as tweak other elements of the Windows logon screen).

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Have you ever wanted to have that special “dorm knock” with your router, as to have it only “open the door” when the secret knock has been recognized? How-To Geek explains how to install the Knock daemon on DD-WRT.

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If you need to extract an icon from a program file or other type of file (such as .dll files), there are many free tools available that make the task easy. However, very few will extract high quality icon images from the files.

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Do you love the peaceful, calming look moonlit scenery? Then you will definitely want to download the Moonlight Theme for Windows 7. This awesome theme comes with sixteen wallpapers full of moonlit goodness that will have you...

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Windows 8 comes with its new Metro Start Screen, which makes it easy to launch your Metro apps from that screen, but did you know you can access them from Windows Explorer too? Here’s how to do it.

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The Humble Bundle is back–score cross-platform games at a pay-what-you-want price and even send the proceeds to charity in the process.

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The Microsoft evaluation releases of their products are incredibly valuable and useful tools as they allow you to have an unlimited number of test, demo and development environments to work with at no cost. The only catch is evaluation releases are time limited, so the more time you can squeeze out of them, the more useful they can be.

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Once a week we round up some of the reader questions we’ve answered and share them with everyone; this week we’re taking a look at setting up file transfer drop zones, installing XBMC on the iPad, and setting up a console emulator.

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Windows 8 will ship with the Metro version of Internet Explorer as well as the normal desktop version. Unfortunately, the immersive version is the default web browser and you might not want that on a desktop or laptop.

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The Windows 8 Start Screen certainly takes some getting use to, however, one of the things that I really miss about the Start Menu was how i was able to categorize my installed applications. While you cant create folders on the Start Screen, you can group your applications.

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Our latest edition of WIG is filled with news link goodness such as Google’s plans for a Metro version of Chrome, Microsoft’s seeking of a patent for TV-viewing tolls, Encyclopaedia Britannica’s switch to a digital only format, and more.

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World Backup Day is March 31st and we decided to provide you with some useful information to make backing up your data easier. We’ve published articles about backing up various types of data and settings both offline and online.

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Do you like how the icons from Windows 8 look and want to use them on a different system? Then you are in luck! The good folks over at 7 Tutorials have pulled out nineteen icons from Windows 8 and packaged them into a downloadable set.

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After using Windows 8 for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that removing the Start button from the Taskbar was a huge mistake. Here’s how to make your own “Start” button that brings up the Metro Start screen—but doesn’t waste any memory at all.

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Avidemux is an easy-to-use, open-source video editor for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It’s ideal for basic video-editing tasks. Unlike more advanced programs, it doesn’t have a lot of complex features that get in the way.

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Storing login information in the Windows Credential Manager can save time when you access a file share on another machine frequently. Lets take a look at how we can add our own credentials to the vault.

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Google Chrome is based on the open-source Chromium browser project. Anyone can take Chromium’s source code modify it to build their own browser. These browsers all build on the core browser and offer unique twists on Chrome.

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The Ribbon interface became a feature in the Microsoft Office suite as of version 2007. The Windows 8 Developer Preview introduced the Ribbon interface into Windows Explorer and it’s been improved in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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If you’re a Linux user, there’s a good chance you can’t live without virtual desktops. They’re a great way to organize your workspace. Dexpot brings virtual desktops to Windows, complete with 3D effects and extensive customizability.

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The Windows Store in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is full of third-party preview apps. They’re not complete, but they give us a taste of what we can expect from Metro and Windows in the future.

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The toaster notifications in Windows 8 are a nice addition, however they can be annoying at times and you may wish to disable them temporarily, or maybe even permanently, here’s how.

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If you’re looking for a simple and powerful way to encrypt everything from system drives to backup discs to everything in between, VeraCrypt is an open-source tool that will help you lock up your files. Read on as we show you how to get started.

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Keen to try out Windows 8, but aren’t quite ready to give up on Windows 7 just yet? Follow this fun easy guide to get the best of both worlds.

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Windows 8 always shows the Metro-style Start screen when you log in. You don’t have to click the Desktop tile every time you log in, you can boot straight to the desktop with this quick trick.

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