What does it mean when you have two identical files with identical time stamps, yet Windows says that one file is newer than the other one? How can that be? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post helps a confused reader solve a time stamp mystery.

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The Quick actions buttons at the bottom of the Action Center of are a great way to quickly connect to your VPN, take down a note, or launch the Settings app with a single click. But, did you know you can also customize these buttons to your specific tastes?

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You’ve been emailed a document, and you have to sign it and send it back. You could print out the document, sign it, and then scan it back in and email it. But there’s a better, faster way.

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BitLocker’s full-disk encryption normally requires a computer with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Try to enable BitLocker on a PC without a TPM, and you’ll be told your administrator must set a system policy option.

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You bought a TV show or movie on iTunes. You want to watch it on your Android phone, Plex media server, or basically anything not made by Apple. Why won’t it work?

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Using flash memory to run a desktop system, like Windows, was advised against for quite some time. But what made it a desirable and viable option for mobile devices? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answer to a curious reader’s question.

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Norton, like most other antivirus tools, is rather intrusive. It installs a toolbar in your web browser, pops up notifications even when you download safe files, and shows you various special offers and reports. But you can set Norton to only notify you when there’s an actual problem.

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Photoshop isn’t just a photography app; it’s a powerful design tool. Opening a single image is easy, but what happens if you want to put together a poster with multiple different images?

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McAfee, like most other modern antivirus programs, doesn’t stay out of your way. It installs browser extensions and shows various alert messages you might not want to see. If McAfee came with your PC, you may regularly see messages that your subscription is expired. Here’s how to get rid of that noise.

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When setting indents or tabs on the ruler in Microsoft Word, you can see approximate measurements using the markings on the ruler. However, if you need more detailed measurements, there is an easy way to get this information.

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Since iOS 7, Apple devices have had limited support for opening ZIP files in Messages and Mail, while a few other third-party apps provide methods for opening ZIP files. But what if you’re on the other end and want to share multiple files with someone in a zipped file?

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Plex Media Center is awesome, and voice control is awesome…so what could be better than combining the two? Thanks to a new Alexa skill, you can now issue simple voice commands to your Amazon Echo and control media playback on your Plex Media Server.

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If you want to watch live TV on your Apple TV—cable or antenna—it’s relatively easy to set up and get going.

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The Windows 10 taskbar is, by default, slightly transparent and tinted to a color you choose. If you know where to look, and you can even increase its transparency with a registry hack. But you can’t make the taskbar completely transparent, so that only your icons show up against your wallpaper.

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Notifications in Windows have evolved over time, and Windows 10 further expanded the whole notification system. Notifications now slide out along the bottom right of your screen and each is accompanied by a chime, which can be irksome whenever files are added to your Dropbox or you plug in a new device.

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Many extensions in the Chrome Web Store want to “read and change all your data on the websites you visit”. That sounds a little dangerous—and it can be—but many extensions just need that permission to do their jobs.

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If you’ve done even some casual searching for digital comics online, you’ve certainly come across plenty of files with the .CBR and .CBZ file extensions. Let’s take a look at these ubiquitous comic formats, why they’re so popular, and how you can read them.

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Bitdefender, like other antivirus tools, is more than just an antivirus that quietly protects your PC. Install Bitdefender and you’ll get a password manager, separate web browser, and a variety of other notifications and advertisements you might not want to see.

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Notifications in Windows 10 are integrated into the Action Center. The white Action Center icon indicates that you have new notifications, and the number badge shows you how many. If you don’t want to see that badge, it’s easy to disable.

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When Chromebooks first hit the scene, I’m not sure anyone could’ve predicted how popular they’d become. They’ve gone from ultra-low cost, overly-simplistic laptops to legitimate daily-use machines—they even outsold MacBooks in Q1 of 2016. The real question most people have about Chromebooks, however, is “Can I live inside Chrome?”

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Chrome, or your computer, crashed. All of your tabs are gone, and what’s worse, there’s no button offering to “Re-open Last Session” when you reload Chrome. Maybe you missed it? Or maybe it was never there. Either way, you’d really like to find those tabs back.

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The Windows 10 Mail app is a decent email client that allows you to add other email accounts in addition to your Microsoft accounts. You’ll notice, though, that any emails you write in the Mail app have a default signature.

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If you’ve ever wished you could change the icon Windows uses for a drive in File Explorer, then you’re in luck. We have two ways to show you how to do just that.

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Avast is an unusually noisy antivirus application. It speaks notifications aloud, displays ads, and bundles a lot of additional software. You can disable some (or all) of these annoyances to quiet Avast down.

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If you use multiple USB drives, you’ve probably noticed that the drive letter can be different each time you plug one in. If you’d like to assign a static letter to a drive that’s the same every time you plug it in, read on.

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