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Mozilla VPN Review: Is It a Game Changer?

As the name suggests, Mozilla VPN is a VPN from Mozilla, the privacy-focused corporation behind the Firefox browser. Originally developed as a browser extension for Firefox, Mozilla VPN is now a fully-fledged standalone VPN; …

IVPN Review: Fast as Lightning

IVPN is a bit of a dark horse in the VPN market. It doesn’t have the marketing clout of big players like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, and it’s only slowly gaining the name recognition of independent players like Mullvad. I took it…

Sonos Sub Mini Review: More Bass For Less Money

If you’re serious about your home theater setup, you need a subwoofer. This is a big ask for Sonos owners, as the company’s Sub is great but expensive. The Sonos Sub Mini aims to provide that key low-end thump, but with a sma…

Google Pixel 7 Review: It’s All Coming Together

Google is already on its 11th series of Pixel phones (when you include the budget-friendly A-series), but each one seems to have had some sort of quality control issue. The Pixel 7 aims to put it all together, and Google may …

Google Pixel Watch Review: This Is It?

After years of pleas from fans, the Pixel Watch finally shows us Google’s vision of a smartwatch. Can Fitbit integration and a focus on design give Android fans an Apple Watch equivalent? That’s what Google has set out to do….

AtlasVPN Review: Can It Hold Up the Sky?

AtlasVPN is a relatively new provider that has some pretty aggressive marketing campaigns, across the web, especially on YouTube. In this review, I’m going to kick AtlasVPN’s tires and see if it has what it takes to be one of…
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