Reset Your Ubuntu Password Easily from the Live CD

Our last article on how to reset your Ubuntu password easily through the grub menu was quite popular, so I’ve decided to make a series on all the different ways to reset your password on either Linux or Windows… today’s lesson is how to use the Live CD to reset the password.

Geek Reviews: First Look at Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

It’s been a long time since Microsoft released the first beta of Internet Explorer 8, which left me wondering what they had up their sleeve. After reading that they added a ton of new features in Beta 2 like private browsing, tab grouping and a new smart address bar, I just had to try it out and share with all of our readers.

Geek Repair: Create Your Own Ultimate Recovery CD

If you’ve ever had booting problems, spyware or viruses, you’ve likely attempted to boot from the Windows CD and run some repairs… but sometimes that’s just not enough. Sure, you can easily backup your data using Ubuntu, but a much better option is to use the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows.

Secure Storage Space With IDrive – Online Storage Series

Last week we took a look at different options for backing up, storing, and sharing data files with online storage services.  This week we will take a look at services which are more secure.  IDrive uses AES 256 bit encryption for its online storage service.  Transfers of data to the drive is done with 128 SSL encryption.  IDrive allows you to sign up for a free 2GB account.  Their Pro Personal Account is 4.95/month for 150GB of storage.  They also offer accounts for businesses at different rates.

Utilize User Activity Reports To Determine Which Parental Controls To Use

As you know this week we have been covering ways to help protect your children online and with PC’s in general.  Vista includes the feature Parental Controls which help in making those tasks easier.  So far we have covered How To Block or Allow Programs, Limit Time Kids Can Use The PC, and How To Block Certain Websites.  The are good tips and seem to work pretty well for younger users.  However, once the children of this technology age get a bit older and learn to adapt more sometimes it is hard to determine what should or should not be controlled.  That is where today’s tip comes in.  Here I will show you how to use Activity Reports to determine what you want to block or not block.

Encrypt Files And Folders With Just A Few Clicks

For those of you who familiar with the SyncBack utility for file backup know the genius of 2BrightSparks software.  One utility you may not know of is EncryptOnClick.  This is the easiest encryption software I have ever used.  It uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption with password protection. In addition to encrypting your documents, they are also compressed at the same time.

Automatically Clear Download History In Firefox

One thing that annoys me about Firefox is when the Download window pops up showing me all of the past downloads.  I am sure this feature may come in handy for some and must be an appreciated feature as it allows you to search them, but I typically remember what I download, when I downloaded it, and why I downloaded it.  So, for me it is more of a nuisance than a privacy concern.  However, if you have a shared computer or laptop, privacy and security may very well be the main concern.  Either way, changing a couple settings can certainly help.

Use Tweak UI To Automatically Log Into XP

One of the annoyances some people have with XP is having to log in every time you reboot.  Don’t get me wrong, if you have a computer that is easily accessed by anyone, having that first layer of security if vital.  However, there are many times when you are the only one who is the main user of your machine.  This is where using Tweak UI to automatically log into XP comes in handy.

4 Ways to Make UAC Less Annoying on Windows 7 / Vista

The single biggest irritation in Windows 7 and Vista is the UAC (User Account Control) system, especially for people that do a lot of tweaking. When you are trying to make configuration changes, it seems like every couple of seconds you are hitting another UAC prompt. Sure, it’s more secure… but what options do we have to make it less annoying?

Create Administrator Mode Shortcuts Without UAC Prompts in Windows 7 or Vista

One of the most talked about annoyances in Windows Vista are the UAC prompts that constantly pop up when you are trying to make system changes. It’s especially irritating when you often need to run a particular tool that requires administrator mode in order to run. Thankfully there’s a simple hack that you can do to create an administrator mode shortcut that doesn’t prompt for UAC.