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Easily Summarize A Word 2007 Document

AutoSummarize is a feature in Word 2007 that scores the document by giving points to sentences that contain frequently used words. You can then use the highest scoring sentences to create the summary or use the Auto function.

Customize the Displayed Fields in the Outlook Email List Pane

One of the nicest features in Outlook is the way the list view handles "Compact Mode" when you use the reading pane on the right-hand side of the screen... it switches to double-line to show more information easily. But did you know that you can actually make it display even more fields?

Easier Table Column Selection in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a behemoth of formatting options only fully understood by a select few... for the rest of us it's just plain confusing and often frustrating to deal with. I noticed a neat trick for selecting columns and felt the need to share it with everybody else.

Select Text Vertically in Microsoft Word

If you often need to use Microsoft Word for writing documents, you've probably come across the situation where you needed to delete the beginning of each line in a list, especially if you are reformatting a document or dealing with text pasted from another source.

Insert Tables Into PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint is a great way to present data to groups, and if you create slideshows it's important to know how to present information. Today we'll briefly go over the use of tables in a presentation.

Download and Keep Track of Stocks in Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is used by companies and individuals to keep track of and compute virtually anything that requires numbers. If you are computing financial symbols, did you know there's a way to have Excel automatically update those values online?

Batch Print PDF Attachments in Outlook

Have you ever wanted to print every attachment you receive in your Outlook email box? Let’s say you subscribed to a free fax to PDF email service and you want them to be printed out automatically just like an old fashioned fax machine.

Disabling Instant Search in Outlook 2007

I know what you are thinking when you read the title of this article... why on earth would you want to disable Instant Search? It's one of the best new features in Outlook 2007! I agree, but if you are having problems with it you might be curious how to effectively disable it.