How to Add a Header or Footer to a Word Document

Headers and footers are useful for adding things such as page numbers, dates, file names, and disclaimers to documents. Word allows you to add headers and footers with built-in, ready-made layouts or add your own custom headers and footers.

How to Find Locations of Files in Word

Have you opened a document in Word but forgotten where it’s stored? You may need to access other documents in the same location or back up your documents. There are several ways to use Word to find the location of a file.

How to Quickly and Easily Copy Formatting in Word

Copying and pasting content in Word documents is a common task. However, you can also copy and paste formatting from one block of text (including images) to another. This can be handy if you want to apply the same formatting to multiple areas in your document.

How to Display Non-Printing Characters in Word

Besides the normal content of your documents in Word, there are also characters that don’t normally display on the screen. In addition, Word uses several special characters for its own purposes, such as characters to indicate the end of a line or a paragraph.

How to View Multiple Pages at Once in Word

When laying out your document in Word, it’s sometimes helpful to view multiple pages on the screen at one time, especially if you have a large monitor. Seeing multiple pages at a time allows you to get a sense of how your overall layout looks.

How to Disable ScreenTips in Word 2013

When using the commands on the ribbon in Word, you may have noticed popup boxes that display when you move your mouse over the buttons. These are ScreenTips and can be handy as a reference. However, if they’re distracting to you, they are easily disabled.

How to Add Events to Apple Calendar Using Plain Language

One of the annoying things about calendar software is that adding events usually requires tabbing or tapping from text box to text box. Apple Calendar, however, let’s you type simple sentences in plain language and the application figures out the boxes for you.