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Your Next Uber Ride Might Have Ads

It seems like lately everyone is adding ads to their platform, even historical holdouts like Netflix. One of the next ones, though, might be an app that you use a lot for your daily commuting. Uber is launching ads….

You Can Now Pay for Amazon Purchases Using Venmo

Amazon has historically been non-flexible when it comes to its payment methods — while it accepts credit and debit cards, the platform has been reluctant to accept alternative payment methods such as PayPal. Now, though, yo…

YouTube Has a Fresh New Look and Better Controls

Even as YouTube has evolved and grown bigger, its design has changed more slowly than you think. However, the site is now rolling out the most significant redesign in recent memory, with a new look that changes dynamically wi…

Microsoft Made a Tiny ARM Windows PC

Microsoft has lagged behind in the race to adopt ARM chips in desktop and laptop computers, especially compared to Mac and the Linux ecosystem. However, the company is slowly changing course, and now Microsoft has new hardwar…
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