New Google Voice Search Extension now Available for Chrome

Have you ever been in a position where your hands were full, or covered in ‘something’ that you wanted to keep away from your keyboard, but needed to search for something on Google at the same time? Whether it is finding out what the forgotten ingredient for the dish you are cooking is, or the next step you need to perform on your work-in-progress, Google has you covered with their new Voice Search extension!

Early Preview of Supervised Accounts Feature Now Available in Chrome Canary Channel

Are you a huge fan of Google Chrome, but looking for a way to lock things down or supervise what your children access when browsing the internet with Chrome? Then you will definitely be pleased with the latest feature to be introduced in the Chrome Canary Channel! The new supervised accounts feature lets you add accounts with built-in restrictions and fewer privileges to help keep your little ones safer on the web.

Gmail has Added a New ‘Category Tabs’ Feature to the Inbox

Most of the time, keeping your inbox sorted and clean is a fairly simple task, but what about when things get hectic and suddenly your inbox is out of control? Finding those important e-mails among the clutter can become frustrating and time consuming, so you need an easy way to find what you need fast! With this problem in mind, Google has introduced a new feature for Gmail that will help auto-sort those e-mails into distinct categories, letting you go directly to the mail you want without the hassle.

How to Send Emails from Different Addresses in Gmail

Most of us have more than one email address these days – it makes it easier to keep different areas of life separate. But having to switch between email accounts can be a pain. With Gmail, you can set things up so you can send from multiple accounts without the need to keep switching.

Pimp Your Inbox By Enabling Labs Features in Gmail

We recently looked at how you can make it easier to manage multiple inboxes in Gmail using the Multiple Inboxes Lab feature. This is a non-standard feature and it’s far from being the only one available to you. In fact there are numerous hidden features that can help you to get more from Gmail.

Get More From Google Calendar By Adding Labs Features

Recently we took a look at how you can take Gmail further by enabling some of the extra features that are available in the experimental Labs section. If you use Google Calendar to manage your schedule, there are numerous tools and options that can be added through the use of Calendar-specific Labs. Today, we will take a look to see just what’s available.

Efficiently Manage Your Gmail with the Multiple Inboxes Lab

Most people have more than one email account and if you are using Gmail it’s easy to get things set up so that all of your messages can be accessed in the same place. But if you would prefer to keep things ‘together yet separate’ the Multiple Inboxes Labs feature could help you to work with emails more efficiently.