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The Best Google Pixel 7 Cases of 2022

Although the Google Pixel 7 features a tough Gorilla Glass back, it’s still susceptible to damage from drops. To best protect your Pixel, grab a case that provides rugged protection without taking away from the sleek design o…

Google Pixel 7 Review: It’s All Coming Together

Google is already on its 11th series of Pixel phones (when you include the budget-friendly A-series), but each one seems to have had some sort of quality control issue. The Pixel 7 aims to put it all together, and Google may …

The Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Cases of 2022

The glass back of the Google Pixel 7 Pro looks incredible, but it can also easily slip out of your hands if you’re not careful. A case will ensure you have a grip on your smartphone while offering features such as card storag…

The Best Handheld Gaming PCs for 2023

Handheld gaming PCs offer both portability and performance so you can take your gaming sessions anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a certain operating system or an option that fits your budget, there are plenty of handheld …

The Best Apple AirPods Pro Accessories of 2023

Apple’s AirPods Pro are a premium experience at a premium price. Protect your earbuds and get the best experience from them with these accessories, from durable cases and cleaners to charging docks and new ear tips….

The Best NAS Hard Drives of 2023

Network-attached storage (NAS) is an excellent option for quickly accessing files across multiple devices. Whether you run a business or need versatility for your home office, here are the best NAS hard drives money can buy….

Google Pixel Watch Review: This Is It?

After years of pleas from fans, the Pixel Watch finally shows us Google’s vision of a smartwatch. Can Fitbit integration and a focus on design give Android fans an Apple Watch equivalent? That’s what Google has set out to do….

The Best USB-C Hubs of 2023

Laptop manufacturers are forgoing additional ports for slimmer designs and increased portability. This leaves you to rely on wireless technology such as Bluetooth to connect. Want more ports? Add a USB-C hub. Just make sure …

AtlasVPN Review: Can It Hold Up the Sky?

AtlasVPN is a relatively new provider that has some pretty aggressive marketing campaigns, across the web, especially on YouTube. In this review, I’m going to kick AtlasVPN’s tires and see if it has what it takes to be one of…

The Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2023

Whether you want to fill your home with music or improve your home theater setup, high-quality bookshelf speakers are a must. Not sure which bookshelf speakers are right for you? These are the best.

The Best Mesh Routers of 2023

A quality mesh router can transmit speedy and reliable wireless internet to every part of your home, eliminating dead spots once and for all. If you’re ready to upgrade your router, these picks are some of the best….

The Best Nikon DSLR Lenses of 2023

You can’t take quality photos without a high-quality lens. Luckily, if you shoot Nikon, there are plenty of DSLR lenses available. Whether you need wide-angle glass or another type of lens, you’ll find some of the best Nikon …

jSign Review: Document Signing Done Right

Have you ever received an important document you need to sign via email? Receiving the email is the easy part. Before you can return the file, you need to print it, sign it, and finally scan it to your computer or mobile devi…

FastVPN Review: What’s In a Name?

FastVPN is a virtual private network under the umbrella of Namecheap, the domain name and hosting provider. It offers rock-bottom prices for the first year you sign up and great ease of use thanks to its friendly interface. H…

The Best Gaming Controllers of 2023

Pro Tip: The best controllers aren’t always the ones that come with your console. Whether you need a new controller for your Windows PC, Xbox, Playstation 5, or even your smartphone, you’ve got options….
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