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What Is a Bored Ape NFT?

If you’re scratching your head at the deluge of Gorillaz-style monkey avatars everywhere on the web, congratulations! You’ve just had your first encounter with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and it might make even less sense than …

Stop Hiding Your Wi-Fi Network

If you keep your Wi-Fi router’s SSID hidden, it might make you feel safer, but it doesn’t actually help with security—and likely serves as an unnecessary inconvenience. Here’s why.

Why Is Android Named “Android?”

Since its debut in 2008, Google’s Android operating system has become a household name. The name “Android” has a fun, techy vibe that perfectly matches the nature of an open-source OS. Where did that name come from?…

The Best Mouse Pads of 2022

Certain mouse pads might be better at tracking the laser on your mouse for improved pointer accuracy, but they can be less comfortable to use long-term. On the other hand, you might be able to find the most comfortable mouse …

Wi-Fi 7: What Is It, and How Fast Will It Be?

Although Wi-Fi 6E still feels bleeding edge at the start of 2022, a demonstration of the upcoming Wi-Fi 7 standard showcased transfer speeds might make Ethernet cables obsolete. Let’s take a look at the proposed spec and what…

The Best PC Gaming Controllers of 2022

PC gaming isn’t just about using a mouse and keyboard: It’s about choice. Some games are just better with a controller in your hands, especially with so many console games launching on PC. But not all controllers are equal….

How to Set Up Dual Monitors in Windows 11

If you work at home, even just a few days a week, there is nothing better than having multiple monitors for getting productive. Here’s everything you need to know to set up your workspace with more than one monitor in Windows…

How to Purge Crypto From the Brave Browser

Many people find the Brave browser’s privacy features attractive but are turned off by its cryptocurrency features and promotions. If you’re one of those people, here’s how you can remove those elements and enjoy a cleaner,…

The Best DSLR Cameras of 2022

While mirrorless cameras have advanced plenty since their introduction and dominate the market, there are still plenty of amazing DSLR cameras you shouldn’t overlook. We’ll go over some of the best options here….

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone

Since “upgrading” your iPhone isn’t possible without buying another one, it can be frustrating when your smartphone begins to slow down. So how do you know if it’s the natural aging process or not, and what exactly can you do…

The Best Budget Wi-Fi Routers of 2022

Buying a Wi-Fi router doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you don’t need one that supplies several hundred Mbps speeds. Budget routers are a great alternative that packs lots of features without a hit to the wallet….

Why You Should Care About Upload Bandwidth

Everyone wants fast download speeds. Who wouldn’t want to get their games, movies, and music piped in almost instantly? But the way we use the internet is changing, and that other number on your internet contract is becomin…

The Best Wireless Earbuds of 2022

The best truly wireless earbuds offer a nice refuge from untangling pesky wired headphones without compromising sound quality. Drown out the sounds of the world around you with some of our favorite wireless earbuds….

Why You Should Get Rid of Unused Android Apps

You probably have a lot more apps on your Android phone than you realize. It’s very easy to accumulate a huge library of apps without even realizing it. There are a few reasons why you should clear some out….

How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Your Router

While most of us rely on wireless at home, wired internet is often a better choice. The only catch is that most home routers only have a handful of ports. Adding more ports is easy, but there are a few things to consider when…
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