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PSA: Android Can Remind You to Look up While Walking

It’s no secret that smartphones can be distracting. We typically talk about this for driving, but that’s not the only case. Walking around with your head buried in your phone can be dangerous, too. Android phones can help wit…

How to Replace Your AirPods Battery

Do your AirPods have a fraction of the battery life they had when you bought them? You’re not alone. While Apple might not offer a simple battery swap, there is another route you can take to extend the life of your earphones….

How to See What Something Is Worth Using eBay

If you’re buying or selling an item and have no idea what it’s worth, don’t worry: By checking the prices of similar sold items on eBay, you can get some idea of an item’s value. Here’s how to run a price check on eBay….

What’s New in Chrome 90, Available Now

Chrome 90 brings some new window management tools, a much-needed fix for the Reading List, and plenty of improvements under the surface. The update is rolling out now to Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux….

The 10 Greatest Versions of Android, Ranked

Android, first released in 2008, is still a relatively young operating system. However, with some years seeing multiple updates, there have been plenty of Android versions to look at. Some were better than others, so let’s ra…

What Does “Burning a CD” Mean?

If you’ve never encountered a recordable CD before, you can be forgiven for not knowing what the term “burn a CD” means. Does it involve fire? Is anything actually burned in the process? We explain how the process works, why …

How to Delete Telegram Messages and Chat Histories

If you’ve recently ditched WhatsApp for Telegram in a bid to protect your chat privacy, you’ll probably want to know how to delete conversations from both your device and Telegram’s servers. This isn’t quite as straightforwar…

What Is Plain Text?

What exactly is “plain text?” And what’s the difference between plain text and other types of text? Read on to find out what plain text is and what it’s used for.

What to Expect from the Internet in China

If you’re on your way to China or are simply the curious kind, you may want to find out what lies beyond the Great Firewall. While a heavily censored internet looks a lot like our own, it manages to seem a little off in some …

5 Tips for Optimal PC Cable Management

No one wants a tangle of cords inside their PC case. Proper cable management may seem superfluous, and after spending hours building a PC, it feels like the last thing you want to do. In the long run, however, proper cable ma…

How to Send a Password-Protected Email for Free

If you want to send a private message to someone and ensure that they are the only ones who read it, protecting it with a password only the recipient knows is a solid choice. Fortunately, secure email providers ProtonMail an…

How to Use the Internet from China

If you’re visiting China and want to use the internet, you’re in for a nasty surprise: Many sites you take for granted, like Google and Facebook, can’t be accessed from the People’s Republic. This block, often called the Grea…
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