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How to Pin Conversations in Google Chat

Whether you communicate with others a little or a lot in Google Chat, having quick access to your most important conversations is key. For this, you can pin conversations in Google Chat on the web, in Gmail online, and in the…

How to Add Live Closed Captions to Zoom

Video calls and meetings are great, but they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to accessibility. Fortunately, Zoom has the ability to create live closed captions in real-time during meetings. We’ll show you how it works…

How to Install the Tor Browser on a Chromebook

The Tor Project says that you can’t run the full version of the anonymizing Tor browser on a Chromebook. But, by using your Chromebook’s Linux subsystem, you can install and use it very easily. Here’s how….

5 Awesome PC Accessories You Should Buy

It’s finally done. You’ve got all the components you want in your PC, and you’re set for the next few years. Now what? It’s a good time to think about refining your setup with a few accessories that, while not strictly necess…

How to Hide Sensitive Notifications on Android

Your phone or tablet’s lock screen prevents people from getting into your device, but there’s still information that can be gleaned from notifications on the display itself. Thankfully, Android makes it easy to hide content o…
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