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What Is a 5nm Chip, and Why Is 5nm So Important?

There’s a lot of talk about new manufacturing processes for CPUs. Not that long ago the talk was all about 10nm and 7nm. The latest “nm” to enter the game is 5nm, which is already in use in some devices and is heading to PCs …

The Best VR Games for Oculus Quest, PC, and PSVR

Modern virtual reality headsets have huge libraries of quality games, and developers keep coming up with great new experiences to take advantage of the technology. Whatever VR headset you have, we’ve got a list of awesome gam…

What Is the Raspberry Pi?

If you’ve been around enough online, you might have heard about something called Raspberry Pi. (No, not the dessert.) So what is Raspberry Pi, and why do you need one? Let’s dive in and learn about this inexpensive but insane…

The Best Linux Laptops of 2023

Love Linux? You’ll want to get a laptop built with the open-source operating system in mind, instead of settling for a Windows laptop and having to do the installation yourself. These five picks work with Linux right out of t…

OS/2’s Last Stand: IBM OS/2 Warp 4 Turns 25

25 years ago—on September 26, 1996—IBM launched OS/2 Warp Version 4, its last major attempt to compete with Microsoft Windows in desktop operating systems. While a competent and highly regarded OS, it didn’t take the OS c…

How to Enable Separation Alert Notifications on iPhone

Apple’s “Find My” feature has made finding your iPhone a simple process. Now thanks to Separation Alerts, introduced alongside other new features in iOS 15, you may never leave your iPad or any other prized possessions behind…

The Best Robot Vacuums of 2023

Robot vacuums are convenient home appliances that keep your floors clean. They pick up dirt, hair, and other debris while navigating your home, making cleaning up a lot easier.

How to Use iCloud+ Private Relay

Starting with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, if you have an iCloud+ subscription, you can use Apple’s Private Relay to keep your browsing activity private thanks to encrypted relays. Here’s how to use it.

How Vibrations Can Ruin Your iPhone or Android Camera

Apple surprised people by warning that “exposure to vibrations, like those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines” can damage iPhone cameras. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, and it can affect Androi…

Don’t Buy the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 may seem like an easy and affordable entryway into the world of the Apple Watch, but we’d recommend buying another model unless you’re looking for an exercise in frustration and disappointment….

The Best Gaming Headsets of 2023

The best gaming headset needs to be affordable, comfortable, sound sharp, and have a microphone that won’t make your voice chat companions wince. Our top picks manage to do it all with some extra features on top….

What’s New in Chrome 94, Available Now

Google Chrome gets a new release every four weeks. Version 94 arrived on September 21, 2021, and it includes Google Drive files on the New Tab Page, more HTTPS features, and a new sharing menu. Let’s take a look….

The Best External Hard Drives of 2023

Despite fast internet and cheap cloud storage, nothing beats a good external hard drive. Whether you’re backing up data or taking your gigs on the go, one of these brilliant storage devices is sure to be perfect for your need…
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