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How to Lock Your Windows 11 PC When You Walk Away

Using a Windows 11 feature called Dynamic Lock, you can make your PC automatically lock and secure itself when you physically step away out of Bluetooth range. All it takes is a linked Android smartphone and a few changes in …

What Is Dithering in Computer Graphics?

You might have come across the word “dithering” when using a graphics or image editing tool. Despite the funny name, dithering plays an important role in ensuring images appear correctly onscreen and in designing retro gaming…

How to Install Windows 11 on an Unsupported PC

Windows 11 has strict system requirements, but there are ways around them. For example, it requires at least an 8th-generation Intel, AMD Zen 2, or Qualcomm 7 or 8 Series CPU—but you can install Windows 11 on PCs with older…

The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2023

Finding the perfect Bluetooth speaker can be overwhelming due to the staggering amount of options on the market. Cut the laborious part out of your shopping experience and let our top picks guide you through the process….

Nintendo Switch OLED: Is Screen Burn-in a Problem?

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a lot to offer, but there’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re going for an OLED display: permanent image retention, or burn-in. So is Nintendo’s handheld susceptible? Let’s take a look….

How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

Windows 11 is now available. If you’ve decided you want to upgrade from Windows 10, here’s how you can get the free upgrade—even if Windows Update doesn’t offer it. This works if Windows 11 doesn’t officially support your …

The Best Gaming Mice of 2023

The best gaming mouse has a specific job to do. It needs to perform under high-pressure gaming situations, both consistently and reliably. These mice are built for gaming and have the features to prove it….

Why Doesn’t the Xbox Series X Have VR?

The PlayStation VR is the only virtual reality solution for console gamers today and, with the PSVR 2 for the PlayStation 5 rumored to be just around the corner, there’s still no answer from the Xbox camp. Why are the Xbox Se…

How to Get Rid of Teams on Windows 11

If Microsoft Teams is getting on your nerves in Windows 11—popping up when you log in, always running in the background, or launching when you click the “Chat” taskbar icon—here’s how to get rid of it….

The Best PS5 SSDs of 2023

The Sony PlayStation 5 supports an additional SSD to expand your game and app storage. The installation process is simple, but determining which SSDs will work can be complicated.

What Is Jelly Scrolling?

Some LCD screens exhibit a distracting yet normal phenomenon known as “jelly scrolling” when used in certain orientations. So what does this mean, and what causes it?

How to Play PC VR Games on an Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest can work as a standalone headset, but you can also connect it to a PC for a full PC VR experience. The process is relatively easy, works with a wired connection or wirelessly, and gives you full access to Ste…

How to Roll Back the Kernel in Linux

If your Linux PC suddenly has issues after an update to your system, it’s possible a Linux kernel update is at fault. Fortunately, rolling back or switching to another kernel is relatively easy to do on Debian, Arch, and Fed…
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