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The Best Apple Watch Ultra Bands of 2022

The Apple Watch Ultra is here in all of its 49mm glory, and Apple has launched some new bands to accompany the new titanium timepiece. So which should you choose, and what should you avoid when picking a band to go with your …

Grab a Galaxy S22 Ultra for $300 off Today

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is Samsung’s top-tier smartphone, with a massive screen, built-in S Pen stylus, and advanced cameras. Now you can get a carrier-unlocked model for $900, a discount of $300 from the original price….

The Best Robot Mops of 2022

Robot mops make it easy to keep your floors clean while spending less of your valuable time mopping. So if you need help finding the right one for your home, here are the five best robot mops of 2022.

How to Find Your Friends on Mastodon

Mastodon is the rapidly growing social media platform built around thousands of different servers. The lack of a centralized database can make it difficult to find the friends (and Brands™️) you talk to on other platforms…

The 25 Best Tech Gifts Under $100 for 2022

Not every tech gift has to be a jet pack that costs more than your house. Plenty of respectable gadgets under $100 are ideal for those in your life who deserve gifts less than $100. That covers generous $99.95 gifts, and thos…

Best iPhone 14 Screen Protectors of 2022

Want to use your iPhone 14 without a case, but still want screen protection? Even if you do use a case, screen protectors add an extra layer of armor for your phone. Whether you’re looking for a screen protector made of glass…

The 25 Best Gifts for Cutting the Cord for 2022

Cord cutting—ditching a traditional cable subscription—has never been easier. However, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to how you can cut the cord. For the cord cutter in your life, you have plenty of gifts t…

The Best Internal Hard Drives of 2022

While solid state drives are constantly getting cheaper, those in the low price range still haven’t broken the four-terabyte barrier. More importantly, if you don’t need high-speed SSD storage, such as for AAA gaming or editi…
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