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How (and Why) to Clone Apps on Android

You probably use a lot of apps, but sometimes one instance of an app isn’t enough. If you have an Android phone, you can “clone”—or duplicate—apps. There are a few reasons why you might want to do this….

How Do Refresh Rates Affect Gaming?

A monitor’s refresh rate is an important specification you should pay close attention to if you’re buying a monitor for PC gaming or use with a modern console. This is especially true if you’re a competitive gamer looking for…

What Are Computer Files and Folders?

Files and folders are a common metaphor for storing data on a computer. Even a modern device that hides files from you as much as possible still uses them under the hood. Here’s a look at what files and folders are—and how …

What Is a 2-in-1 PC?

A “2-in-1 PC” usually refers to PC form factors that can act as both a tablet and a traditional computer. Windows 10, Windows 11, and Chrome OS all have tablet-optimized touch features, so it’s a great time to have it both wa…

What’s New in Fedora 35

Fedora 35, Red Hat’s free Linux distribution (distro), is available now as a beta. From an updated desktop experience to behind-the-scenes tweaks, we’re taking a look at the Workstation edition to see what’s new for desktop…

10 Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Just getting started on Linux? Making yourself comfortable with the command line is essential. If you’re already familiar with command line utilities, you’ll find that Linux and Mac share much in common, but Windows commands …
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