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What Is Plain Text?

What exactly is “plain text?” And what’s the difference between plain text and other types of text? Read on to find out what plain text is and what it’s used for.

When Should You Buy an Aftermarket CPU Cooler?

Many CPUs come with a free cooler. This is fantastic since it means you have one less component to buy when building a new PC. But many PC builders believe these coolers aren’t worth using. You can definitely buy better CPU c…

Do I Have a Crop Sensor or Full Frame Camera?

Digital cameras use a sensor that captures light to make a photo. The size of the sensor affects how your images look, so you’ll often see photographers and tutorials referring to crop sensor and full frame sensor cameras. He…

What Does “Catfishing” Mean Online?

Have you ever talked to someone online, and then found out that they were lying about who they were? Then you might have been catfished. The term is often applied to fraudulent romantic relationships, but it isn’t always abou…

What Is a Human Interface Device (HID)?

There are a lot of strange terms that come with using a computer. One that you may have seen is “Human Interface Device” or “HID.” It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but what exactly does it mean?…

What Is a Motherboard?

The motherboard is where it all starts for the PC. It’s the component underlying everything. There are so many different analogies you could draw, but here’s our favorite: It’s like the computer’s nervous system. Its primary…
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